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Work Experience

University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty

2006 - current

Assistant Professor in Environmental Planning, Researcher




Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia – Unit Novo mesto

2005 – 2006

Agriculture extension service adviser


Teaching activities:

Professor in Geographic Information systems course (MSc)

Teaching assistant in Integrated agriculture land management (MSc)

Professor in Agricultural land management course (BSc)


Research activities:

National projects:

- EIP_EU_SLO - PRO-PRODUCTION Operational Group: Increasing productivity of agricultural production by increasing water use efficiency and sustainability – project leader

- EIP_EU_SLO - VODE Operational group: Reducing agricultural pollution of surface water and groundwater - researcher

- EIP_EU_SLO - DiNaZe Operational Group: Digitalizing vegetable irrigation - researcher

- Celovito upravljanje malih ukrepov za zadrževanje vode in preprečevanje erozije tal v kmetijskih povodjih (CeVoTaK) (L4-2625)

- Efficient use of water and nutrients in crop production for the protection and improvement of drinking water resources - URAVIVO (L4-8221)

- Closure of material pathways in the treatment of urban waste water with green technologies (J2-8162)

- Accuracy of irrigation forecasting - TriN (V4-1609)

- Projection of water resources for irrigation in Slovenia (V4-1066)

- Sustainable use of water to enhance the plant production potential in Slovenia (V4-1131)

- Options for farming in water protection areas (V4-1058)

- Consolidation and integrated management of rural areas (V4-1057)

- Expertise bases for the designation of areas suitable for elimination of natural afforestation (V4-1149)

- Optimization of the system of monitoring of rural development policy in Slovenia (V4-0534)

- Modelling the with the catchment model for surface water quality (Soil and Water Assessment Tool – SWAT).


EU Projects:

- 2021-2026: EU_H2020 - MIcro- and NAno-Plastics in AGRIcultural Soils: sources, environmental fate and impacts on ecosystem services and overall sustainability (MINAGRIS)

- 2020-2025: EU_H2020 - Sustainable plant protection transition: a global health approach (SPRINT)

- 2020-2025: EU_H2020 - OPtimal strategies to retAIN and re-use water and nutrients in small agricultural catchments across different soil-climatic regions in Europe (OPTAIN) – Work package leader

- 2017-2021: Farm systems that produce good Water quality for drinking water supplies (FAirWAY) – work package and case study leader –case study leader

- 2016-2021: EU_LIFE - ViVaCCAdap: Adapting to the impacts of climate change in the Vipava Valley

- 2015-2020: Interactive Soil Quality Assessment in Europe and China for Agricultural Productivity and Environmental Resilience (iSQAPER) – case study leader

- 2014-2017: EU_FP7: Green Infrastructure and Urban Biodiversity for Sustainable Urban Development and the Green Economy (GREENSURGE) - researcher

- 2012-2015: EU FP7: EU Food planning and innovation for sustainable metropolitan regions (FoodMetRes) – case study leader

- 2007 – 2011: EU FP6: Peri-urban Land Use Relationships - Strategies and Sustainability Assessment Tools for Urban-Rural Linkages (PLUREL) - researcher

Research Fields

Geographic Information systems

Integrated agriculture land management

Integrated catchment management