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Hello and welcome to the Student Council of the Biotechnical Faculty SCBF’s (Študentski svet Biotehniške fakultete ŠSBF) and the Student Organisation of the Biotechnical Faculty SO BF’s (Študentska organizacija Biotehniške fakultete ŠO BF) website. The members of SCBF and SO BF strive to entertain the students of the Biotechnical faculty, banish boredom and are always available when in need of help.

If you haven’t had a chance to meet us yet, it is high time you did. Search through our social media, read a publication, join an excursion, learn something new by attending a workshop etc. Never forget that at Biotechnical faculty you are never alone – the Student Council, the Student Organisation and various other student societies of the Biotechnical faculty are always with you.


The Student Council of the Biotechnical Faculty

The Student Council of the Biotechnical Faculty SC BF (Študentski svet Biotehniške fakultete ŠSBF) is a body of the Biotechnical faculty that represents the students as well as their rights and duties. The members of the Student council are the student representatives, and they are the only legal and official student representatives in the Faculty’s structure. The Higher Education Act and the Statutes of University of Ljubljana stipulates the Student council the representative of opinions and interests of all students of the faculty (or the university) in its bodies. Furthermore, the Student council, in cooperation with the student community, also organises a wide-ranging and varied programme of extracurricular activities for our students.
To sum up, through the Student council the students can participate in the bodies of the faculty, as well as in the bodies of the university, and express their opinions, proposals and comments on various matters, which guarantees that our voice is always present and heard. 

The president of the SCBF: Miha Kosec (Biology)
Vice-presidents of the SCBF:
Hana Sobočan (Microbiology)
Pija Goljevšček (Food science and technology)
Miha Glavina (Microbiology)
Aleks Bordon (Agronomy)
The secretary of the SCBF: Nina Barborič (Agronomy)
Facebook page: Študentski Svet BF



The Student Organisation of the Biotechnical Faculty

The Student organisation of the Biotechnical Faculty SO BF (Študentska organizacija Biotehniške fakultete ŠO BF) is an organisation whose purpose is first and foremost to organise extracurricular activities for the faculty’s students. The SO BF is a branch of the Student Organisation of University of Ljubljana (ŠOU v Ljubljani). The Student Organisation of the BF, along with the Student Council of the BF and the Student Organisation ŠOU, also fights for the students’ rights at faculty, university and even at state level. The members of SO BF are all enrolled students of the faculty. It is run by a governing board, which consists of student representatives from every department and interdepartmental programme, a president, a vice president and a representative from the student council.

The president of the SO BF: Kristjan Krmc
Facebook page: ŠO BF



Student societies

The Agronomy Student Society of Slovenia
(Društvo študentov agronomije Slovenije DŠAS)

društvo študentov agronomije


The Biology Student Society 
(Društvo študentov biologije DŠB)

društvo študentov biologije


The Biotechnology Student Society
(Biotehnološko študentsko društvo BŠD)

društvo študentov biotehnologije

The Biotechnology Student Society consists of students who are interested in the field of biotechnology and related fields of natural science. It organises various events with regard to research, discussions with scientists, social events and participates in current affairs taking place at the Biotechnical Faculty UL. The purpose and goal of the society is to broaden the knowledge we gain in lecture halls with experience from the world of research and economy and thus enrich the whole educational for all members of our society.




The Forestry Student Society
(Društvo študentov gozdarstva DŠG)

društvo študentov gozdarstva



The Landscape Architecture Student Society (Društvo študentov krajinske arhitekture DŠKA)

društvo študentov krajinske arhitekture



The Wood Science and Technology Student Society (Društvo študentov lesarstva - DŠL)

društvo študentov lesarstva



The Microbiology Student Society of Slovenia (Društvo študentov mikrobiologije Slovenije - DŠMBS)

društvo študentov mikrobiologije Slovenije2



The Animal Production Student Society (Društvo študentov zootehnike - DŠZ)

društvo študentov zootehnike



The Food Science and Nutrition Student Society (Društvo študentov živilstva in prehrane - DŠŽP)

društvo študentov živilstva in prehrane