Field od use

Field equipment

Type of equipment:

Spectroscopic methods


Department of wood science and technology


Chair of Wood Pests, Modification and Protection of Wood

Responsible person

Research group

Wood pathology and protection

Source of funding

The equipment is designed for the analysis of wood in use, monitoring of emissions of selected inorganic pollutants, quality of protection, and control of laboratory work. This equipment is used both for elemental analysis of new products and for applications on cultural heritage products. This spectrometer allows us to determine on site whether or not a particular product has been protected with biocidal products. The analysis of the causes of decomposition in newer wooden constructions is of great potential. In addition to the applications listed above, we are also using unscientific equipment for the analysis of contaminants in decayed wood. Contaminants in seasoned wood are becoming increasingly important, and its further use is limited to the greatest extent possible.


As the equipment is a source of ionising radiation, it is impossible to work independently with the device.


Quantitative and qualitative analysis of chemical elements in the range between Mg and U at concentrations between 3 ppm and 100% in solid samples. The equipment is mainly intended for field work on the analysis of contamination in wood, wood residues, composites, etc.

Price list

As the equipment cannot be used independently, the cost of working with an operator is €70/hour.