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Department of Agronomy

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15.11.2019 - 15.11.2022

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Pintar Marina



Limnos is leading the project consortia on EIP project titled “Constructed ecosystems for agricultural run-off mitigation and surface water protection”.

Agriculture plays an important role in maintaining water quality in the natural environment. Agricultural runoff is a source of fertilizers, organic matter and sediment being washed into water bodies. Water pollution poses a risk to aquatic ecosystems.

The purpose of the project is to link the experience of agriculture and environmental engineering to reduce the agriculture run-off pollution to surface waters.

In the project 5 constructed ecosystems will be developed and built. The monitoring/testing for efficiency and environmental impact will follow. The aim of the project is to evaluate the effectiveness of constructed ecosystems for reducing water pollution from agriculture run-off and to assess water retention capacity of the systems.

In addition to the pilot sites mentioned above, the results of the project will include awareness-raising, training and a manual for implementation of constructed ecosystems for wider use.


The projects' duration:

11/2019 – 12/2022


The project is funded by the European agricultural fund for rural development and Rural Development Programme of the Republic of Slovenia

The project is a part of EIP initiative


Project partners:

  • University of Ljubljana (Biotechnical faculty)
  • Meja Šentjur Ltd
  • Jabje Infrastructure Center
  • Farming entities: Dejan Küčan, Andrej Grabnar, Majda Veselič
  • Society for Bird Research and Nature Protection
  • Kozjansko regional development agency
  • Agricultural and Forest Institute Novo Mesto
  • Agricultural and Forest Institute Murska Sobota