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Department of Agronomy

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22.11.2019 - 22.11.2022

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Pintar Marina



The main objective of the project is the introduction of environmentally friendly or water-friendly agricultural practices for the production of agricultural products, both in the field of livestock production, as well as in filed crop, vegetable, vineyard and hop production. As part of the preparation of the Water Management Plan of the Republic of Slovenia 2016 - 2021, it was found that three groundwater bodies are still in poor chemical status due to exceeded concentrations of nitrates and pesticide atrazine. The Water Management Plan notes that there are significant sources of pollution from agricultural activities in the water bodies.

As part of the project, we will evaluate and identify the most appropriate technologies or agricultural practices that will be introduced on the demonstration farms in the initial phase. These farms will serve to promote new approaches and methods to other farms as well as agricultural and environmental professionals. In the field of livestock production, the project will address the additional processing of livestock manure to obtain high-quality fertilisers, such as organic pellets or compost that have a significantly lower negative impact on groundwater and surface water. The processing of livestock manure can also be of market interest to larger livestock farms. The second segment of the project is good practices in the use of water-friendly organic fertilisers in agricultural, horticultural, viticultural and hops agricultural production.

We aim to inform the broadest possible population of Slovenian farmers about the good agricultural practices in terms of water protection, as only with the extensive use of good practices will we be able to achieve the goals of improving the quality of water set by the European Water Framework Directive and the resulting Slovenian Water Management Plan.



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