Department of Landscape Architecture

Type of project

ARIS projects

Type of project

Basic research project




01.12.2021 - 30.11.2024


0,78 FTE

Project manager at BF

Golobič Mojca


In this transdisciplinary comparative project, we will address two interrelated problems which hinder energy transition in many countries. The first is a lack of cross-sectorial cooperation amongst different public authorities, which is associated with the second problem, public opposition towards renewable energy projects. This suggests that improved approaches to planning energy transition with better designed stakeholder involvement are needed as projects are often discussed at a late planning phase and detached from other land use systems, hindering the implementation of national, European, and global policies. With this project we propose to develop and test an approach of integrating energy transition issues in comprehensive landscape development plan. The approach includes participatory visioning event practicing regional landscape development in four case regions (two in Slovenia, two in Switzerland). The approach is evaluated in terms of its contribution to social learning among stakeholders and as a viable solution in different institutional settings. 


The phases of the project and their realization


  • Phase 1: Context analysis

Objective: establishment of a transdisciplinary steering committee, context analysis to provide a basis for systematic comparison of pilot regions and material for the vision creation process.

Result: Comparative regions’ report and maps for the vision creation process.

  • Phase 2: Baseline stakeholder analysis.

Objective: To perform a baseline measurement to assess the effects of the vision creating process of the overall landscape development.

Result: Instruments and database of baseline measurements.

  • Phase 3: Participatory intervention

Objective: To implement the creation of visions of comprehensive landscape development in each region.

Result: Landscape development visions and project ideas for each region.

  • Phase 4: Evaluation.

Cilj: Merjenje učinka delavnice ustvarjanja vizije na socialno učenje udeležencev, povezano z energetskim prehodom.

Rezultat: Poročilo za vsako regijo o izmerjenih učinkih socialnega učenja.

  • Phase 5: Synthesis

Objective: Compare the processes of creating a vision of integrated landscape development and their effects in pilot regions to determine the role of context.

Result: Guidelines for the use of the participatory process of creating visions of integrated landscape development to promote regional energy transition in Europe

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