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ARIS projects

Type of project

CRP - Our food, countryside and natural resources




01.10.2022 - 30.09.2024



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The research project “The process of adjusting and complementing the National Forest Program” deals with the important problem of the strategic dimension of the strategic management of forest resources, and at the same time, of the forestry sector, which is also influenced by completely new European initiatives in the field of forestry, biodiversity, soil protection, climate change and the bioeconomy. The project will address some key challenges related to: (1) changed conditions in the wood-based sector, (2) climate change, which affecting forests faster than expected, the number of policies at the European Union level that have a concrete impact on forest policy at the national level, (3) changes in the organization of state forest management, (4) changes in the attitude of private owners towards their forest property and (5) public expectations towards forests and their services as well as forestry. The main purpose of the research project is to prepare (i) a proposal of the main objectives and measures for the medium and long-term development of the forestry sector, and (ii) a list of indicators to monitor this development. In addition, it is necessary to develop a proposal for the structure and content of the new strategic document, which should address the key problems of forest management, and at the same time be comparable with similar strategic documents at the international level. The aim of the project is to develop the process of amending of the Resolution on the National Forest Programme, which should be closely linked to the Forest Dialogue Platform, which provides a participatory environment for the formulation of strategic priorities and measures and programmes for their implementation. 





The phases of the project and their realization

The project is divided into four work packages. The first work package (DS1) is about coordination and dissemination of results. The second work package (DS2, Preparation of Review and Impact Assessment of Current Policies) of the project focuses precisely on the objectives and orientation of policies at global and European levels in terms of their impact on national forest management policies. The third work package (DS3) includes consideration of the impact of the Resolution on the National Forest Programme on forest management in Slovenian and the link to the impact of other (also international) policies (in DS2). The third work package will also develop a proposal for the structure of a strategic document that addresses the main problems or challenges in the forest management, management of forest ecosystems and the forestry sector, while providing space for defining possible solutions. The fourth working package (DS4, Proposal for the Implementation of the Forest Dialogue) refers to the design of the participatory process or forest dialogue for the preparation of a new forest management strategy.

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