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ARIS projects

Type of project

CRP - Our food, countryside and natural resources




01.10.2022 - 30.09.2025



Lead partner

ZRS Koper


We will monitor the content of biophenols in olive pomace as a function of storage time in order to update the database for Slovenian olive pomace, which will be the basis for the updated Regulation on the use of olive pomace. At the same time, it is necessary to study the direct effects of the timing and method of olive pomace storage on soil, soil water balance, plant nutrition, olive tree growth and yield, and soil biological activity. Therefore, we will conduct a field experiment to evaluate the impact of olive pomace application on the environment (soil water status and soil quality). To investigate the importance of the soil microbial community in olive groves, we will use the microbiome as a biotic indicator of soil quality. We will conduct microbiome analyses to characterise the microbial community in the soil of olive groves. Studies on the effects of different farming practises on the soil microbiome do not confirm that diversity is higher in organic farming than in conventional farming. The exclusive use of organic fertilisers and the absence of mineral fertilisers in organic farming lead to poor nitrogen supply in olive cultivation, which is probably one of the main reasons for the low olive yields per hectare. It is necessary to study in detail the effects of the different fertilisers on the nutritional status of the plants. Therefore, a field experiment is conducted to study the effects of soil fertilisation with organic and mineral fertilisers on the nutritional status, growth and development of olive trees and soil properties.



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The phases of the project and their realization

WP 1: Investigation of the effects of different tillage methods in olive groves (cultivated green fallow/cultivated fallow) on physical soil properties and plant nutrition

WP 2: Field experiment (extension of 2018 experiment) - effects of soil fertilisation with organic and mineral fertilisers on olive nutrition, growth and development and soil properties

WP 3: Field experiment to evaluate the environmental impact of the use of olive pomace

WP 4: Study on the environmental impact of the storage of olive pomace and plant water

WP 5: Sampling and microbiome analysis

WP 6: Development of technological guidelines for olive fertilisation and tillage method