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13.04.2022 - 12.04.2024



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The Rewinnuse project is focused on the use of reclaimed wood and alternative wood species, and the development of fully demountable wooden windows. In cooperation with the project partners (Faculty of Biotechnology of the University of Ljubljana, the Norwegian Institute for Bioeconomic Research - NIBIO and the Forestry Institute of Slovenia - GIS), the project works in two main areas with which we implement circular economy measures and promote the implementation of circular economy principles in the wood processing industry. The first area includes the development of a new model of a wooden window with glass, which will be installed only with dry components, which will allow easy disassembly of the window into its basic components and their reuse after the end of their useful life. The second area focuses on the search for alternative wood species and the reuse of used wood, as according to the predictions of global researchers, spruce wood will begin to be in short supply in the coming decades due to the consequences of climate change.





The phases of the project and their realization

Work packages:

WP T1: Research, development and production of glued panels and window prototypes from used wood and alternative tree species (TM poplar, douglas fir, pine, chestnut, steamed robin).

WP T2: Performing laboratory tests on wood samples from used wood and alternative tree species, preparing exposure locations, exposing samples, performing laboratory tests after the exposures have been completed.

WP T3: Development of details, technological development of a new window model with dry glazing, made from reclaimed wood and alternative tree species.

WP T4: Preparation of production, implementation of production processes for the production of a new window model.

WP C: Communication - online communication, publications, public events,…

WP M: Management



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