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01.01.2023 - 31.12.2026

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Erjavec Emil



Toolbox4CAP aspires to provide an innovative and flexible set of methods and tools based on a sound
combination of quantitative and qualitative solutions, and the operational capacity, to support policymakers in the governance of the SP towards the green transition. The New Delivery Model established in Regulation EU 2115/2021 entails significant changes to Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) governance with the introduction of Strategic Plans and new monitoring, review and evaluation requirements. The CAP is expected to contribute significantly to the Green Deal’s ambitions, securing the achievement of sustainability and resilience goals for the EU’s Agri-food systems. Innovative governance models are essential to enable result-based policymaking to deliver the best policy pathways to facilitate the green transition. Tools4CAP will (1) support the implementation of National Strategic Plans 2023-2027, and (2) lay the foundations for sound preparation of Post-2027 Strategic Plans. Accordingly, Tools4CAP establishes a flexible and participatory Coordination & Support Action designed to boost learning, exchange processes, and adoption of innovative solutions and good practices for the design, monitoring and evaluation of CAP Strategic Plans. Tools4CAP’s methods and tools will cover three key areas: (1) quantitative modelling tools for ex-ante and ex-post evaluations, (2) participatory and multi-governance decision tools, and (3) novel data and monitoring solutions. The project will deliver a comprehensive inventory of methods and tools used in the 27 Member States, methodological guidelines on innovative solutions and a Handbook of good practices. Results will be integrated in a Capacity Building Toolkit, designed to enhance science-policy interfaces. Tools4CAP utilises a Stakeholder Engagement Platform to boost bottom-up adaptation of innovative methods and tools. It will establish a Replication Lab to demonstrate their use in 10 Member States and to promote their uptake across the EU-27. The project will also set up a Capacity Building Hub to help end-users (ministries, management authorities, paying agencies, other stakeholders) reinforce their capacity to use innovative tools, including models used by the European Commission. 


Significance for the development of science

The Tools4CAP project will not develop new solutions, but will adapt existing solutions to the needs of strategic planning in the member states. At the same time, there will be adaptations of methodologies and approaches that will allow to find answers for strategic planning that can also lead to new knowledge and innovation. The scientific importance lies mainly in testing established models, qualitative approaches and new data sources for direct use in strategic decision making.


Significance for the development of Slovenia

The Tools4CAP project will strengthen the role of science in the strategic planning of the EU's Common Agricultural Policy. Decision-makers at the European Union Member State level will receive direct support in policy planning, which will thus achieve better results, be more effective and be based on evidence. The research group from the University of Ljubljana will also test the solutions in Slovenia (one of the two countries where the integral tests will take place), which will directly lead to better strategic planning. The relevant ministry and stakeholders in agriculture will define their needs and thus directly influence the decision support to be strengthened. The project will therefore also increase the capacity for strategic planning of agricultural policy in Slovenia.