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01.07.2023 - 30.06.2026

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Šumrada Tanja

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The improvement of food market transparency and consumer awareness is recognised as a key action for transitioning towards sustainable agriculture and for ensuring biodiversity conservation. However, there are currently only a handful of biodiversity-friendly food businesses in Europe and limited conservation requirements in the certification schemes, including organic farming.


This project will provide research evidence on the key barriers to wider adoption of biodiversity-friendly food initiatives and develop solutions to increase their market share. The fellow will conduct interdisciplinary research by combining experimental and behavioural economics with conservation science and consumer and management studies.


The project includes three research objectives:

  • Identify critical success factors and barriers to the development of biodiversity-friendly food certification and businesses in Europe
  • Explore the potential of alternative food systems to accelerate the emergece of biodiversity-friendly food initiatives and farmers' enrolment
  • Identify effective strategies for communicating biodiversity to consumers in order to best empower them to make informed food choices and to change purchasing patterns.


Innovative labelling of products with high conservation standards is a promising market niche for premium organic products and can complement existing conservation strategies in protected areas and High Nature Value farmland. A policy brief with recommendations for their development and guidelines for conservation practitioners will ensure a wide dissemination and faster uptake of results in policy and industry.