Content (Syllabus outline)

Presentation of ecology as a basic biological discipline; biotope and biocoenosis, ecosystem hierarchy and the laws of thermodynamics, alteration and successions. Abiotic factors: physical and chemical structure of the ecosystems. Biotic structure: populations and communities, habitat and ecological niche. Biotic factors, species-species interactions: competition, mutualism, predation, grazing. Primary and secondary succession in different ecosystems.

Aquatic ecosystems: structure and basic communities. Wetland ecosystems and role of primary producers.

Terrestrial ecosystems: basic hierarchy and basic functions. Most common biomes in

biosphere, diversity of ecosystems in Europe. 


Prerequisites for course work:

Inscription to the first academic year of the study.


Prerequisites for admittance to the exam:

  • presented and accepted seminar
  • presence at practicals
  • presence at field work