Content (Syllabus outline)

  • Biotic and abiotic factors of wood degradation in Slovenia and the World.
  • Importance of degradation processes in carbon cycle
  • Wood pests from the end users point of view
  • Conditions for infestation or attack of the wood
  • General aspects of the fungi with special emphasis to saprophytes
  • Anatomical composition of the fungi from spore, mycelium, fruiting body…
  • Conditions for fungal growth and development
  • Fungal degradation mechanisms
  • Blue stain fungi, brown rot fungi, white rot fungi, soft rot fungi
  • Importance of the bacteria in the degradation succession
  • Characteristics of the Viscum album
  • Properties of wood insects and their nutrition
  • Influence of the environment on the development of the insects
  • Introduction to wood insects anatomy
  • Development of the insects: egg, larvae, imago
  • Methods for the detection of insects in wood
  • Determination of the insects based on the type of the damage in wood
  • Introduction to microbiological work in the laboratory.


Prerequisites for the work:
- Entry in the corresponding year of the study programme

Terms of prerequisites: -

  • Colloquium from tutorials

Prerequisite for exam and practical examination is minimal 90 % presence at practical course.

Carried out an experiment

Written report,

  • Examination

Finished tutorials,

Conducted a seminar