Content (Syllabus outline)

  • Definition of materials science and its role in the development  of new materials, with a focus on applications in the field of wood science & technology;
  • significance of understanding the relationship between properties of materials and their internal structure and compositition;
  • sub-microscopic, microscopic and macroscopic structure of materials;
  • crystalline and amorphous structure of materials;
  • mechanical, electrical and thermal properties of materials;
  • survey of relations between structures and properties of materials in the case of:

   - polymers,

   - glass,

   - ceramics,

   - metals;

  • overview of applications of selected – the most important polymer materials, glasses and metals in the field of wood science and technology, with a focus on understanding  the links between structure/composition and  anticipated exposure conditions during their utilisation;
  • introduction to composite materials;
  • nano materials: definition of nano particles, specific properties of nano materials and causes for the differences from the bulk properties of “classic” materials.


1. Prerequisites for the work:

Entry in the corresponding year of the study programme.

2. Terms of prerequisites:

-   attendance at tutorials

-   conducted a seminar

-   colloquium from tutorials

­-    tutorials