Content (Syllabus outline)

Environmental factors for fruit, grapevine and vegetable cultivation. Integrated and organic fruit, grape and vegetable production. Classification of fruit plants. Organography and anatomical properties of fruit plant organs. The ratio between growth and fruiting. Pomological characteristics of the main apple, pear, peach, cherry, apricot, prune, strawberry, walnut, hazelnut, chestnut and olive cultivars.

Biology of grapevine. The advances in sortiment, the main cultivars and their properties in specific wine countries. Ampelographic methods. Legislation on wine and other products of grape and wine.

Vegetable cultivation in the open air and in greenhouses. Soil preparation. Vegetable management. The basic morphological characteristics of selected vegetable groups: leafy crops, brassicas, fruit crops, alliums, bulbs and tubers, legumes and perennial crops.


The importance of animal production: the number of farm animals and animal products in Slovenia and worldwide.

Domestication of farm animals: time and space, the consequences for animal species, phenotypic and genotypic changes.

Growth and development of farm animals: the basic principles of growth, differential growth, body composition and tissue changes.

Reproduction of farm animals: sexual and breeding maturity, reproductive cycle, gestation.

Milk production technology (cattle, goat, sheep).

Meat production technology (cattle, pigs, small ruminants, poultry).

Evaluation of carcass quality of slaughtered animals: classification into categories, quality classes, legislation.

Egg production.


Enrollment in the study year.