Content (Syllabus outline)

Dendrometry and stand measurements in forestry.

Methods for measuring trees - age, diameter, tree height, stem form.

Volume of standing and felled trees.

Measurement of forest stands, stand structure, mean diameter, stand height, stand basal area and volume.

Growth of the tree and stand growth 

Sampling units and point sampling in forestry.

Continuous forest inventory, control sampling method.

Survey of forest stands and ocular estimation of stand parameters.


Basics of remote sensing in forest inventory

Geometric properties of aerial photographs and orthophotos.

Photointerpretation in forestry and forest stand mapping.


1. Condition for inclusion in the work:

- inscription to adequate academic year


2. Condition for performing study obligations:

- Mid term exams

- Cooperative learning

- Lab reports

- Report on seminar

- Cooperative learning at field work

- Field work report