Content (Syllabus outline)

Introduction to botany. Place and role of plants in study of forestry. Basics on material and organisational structure  of higher plants and fungi,diferences  among  plants fungi and animals. Structure of plant cell and its function. Cell organelles. Cell divisions. Structure of higher plants. Tissues and organs. Stem, root, leaf. Primary and secondary structure; wood, bast, bark, cork, rhytidome. Life forms of higher plants. Asexual and sexual propagation of plants and fungi. Metagenesis. Structure and formation of sporangia; flower, fruit, seed. Germination.

Determination, nomenclature and classification of plants and fungi. Overview of plants and fungi classifications systems. Learning of forest flora of  characteristic forest ecosystems of Slovenia.


1. Condition for inclusion in the work:

- Inscription to adequate academic year


2. Condition for performing study obligations:

- Attendance of laboratory courses is compulsory

- Attendance in  field work is compulsory.

- From plants collected  in field trips student has to elaborate a herbarium of meadow and weed plants.

-Before exam student has to pass partial exams from laboratory course and plant knowledge.