Content (Syllabus outline)

Structure of matter: structure of atoms, periodic system of elements, ions, molecules, chemical compounds and formulas.

Chemical bonds: types of chemical bonds, symmetry, polarity.

Chemical reactions: heat, chemical equilibrium, rate of chemical reactions.

Intermolecular bonds: states of matter, H-bonds, gas law.

Solutions: concentration, solubility, coligative properties.

Acids and bases: dissociation of water, strong and weak acids and bases, buffers.

Simple organic molecules; structure, properties, functional  groups, reactivity, application.

Carbohydrates: structure, properties, reactivity, functions in organism.

Amino acids and proteins: structure, properties, reactivity, functions in organism.

Enzymes: structure, catalysis, classification, regulation of activity.

Lipids: structure, properties, function in organism, membranes.

Nucleotides and nucleic acids: structure and function in organism.


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Enrolment in the appropriate academic year.

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Prerequisite for exam is passing preliminary examination.