Content (Syllabus outline)

Aquatic ecosystems, general characteristics and origin, structure and function. 


Lakes and other lentic water bodies, abiotic factors, light and heat, physical structure and diversity of lakes, habitats in the lakes, chemistry, biogeochemical cycles with emphasis on nitrogen and phosphorous cycles, importance of stratification; biotic factors, communities and populations, plankton and benthos, primary and secondary production, lake eutrofication.


Streams and other running waters, physical structure, ecohydrology, hierarchy of running waters, chemistry and biogeochemical cycles with emphasis on gases and organic matter; biotic factors, communities, periphyton and macroinvertebrates, “saproby” and self-purification processes.


Prerequisites for inclusion in the work:

· enrolment in the appropriate academic year


Prerequisites for performing study obligations:

Practical examination (colloquium):

· presence at practicals

· presence at field work

acceptance of the report