Content (Syllabus outline)

• Comparative anatomy and function of digestive system in farm animals.

• Physiology of digestion, distinctiveness in absorption of some nutrients.

• Microbial digestion.

• Gastrointestinal defence mechanisms.

• Comparative postnatal development of digestive tract.

• Metabolism of nutrients; homeostasis-homeoresis

• Modern protein evaluation systems.

• Nutrition and acid-base balance.

• Physiological basis and mode of action of some feed supplements. • Nutritionally related digestive and metabolic disorders.

• Possibilities of nutrition to reduce negative impact on environment.

• Animal nutrition and the quality of animal products – functional food.


a) Prerequisites for the inclusion in the work:

Enrolment in the corresponding year of study programme and basic knowledge (exams) in the field of chemistry and biochemistry, animal physiology and nutrition.


b) Prerequisites for performing study obligations:

1) Accepted seminar assignment is a prerequisite to accede to colloquium.

2) Passed colloquium is a prerequisite for the final exam.