Content (Syllabus outline)

Introduction. Link between food – nutrition – health, globalisation and safe food, importance of national systems for food control and strategies based on risk analysis, new challenges (new risk factors, new technologies, science development, life style changes), food pyramid.

Food chain. Concepts of control “from field to table/fork” and traceability “from fork to field”. Principles and methods of control, providing a preventive approach rather than "punitive".

Risk/factors. Explanation of terms “risk” and “risk factors”. Overview of most frequent risk factors (microbiological, chemical pollutants, pesticides, abuse of feed and food supplements, falsifications, GMO, allergens, drug residues)

Principles of control, analysis, management of risk. Integrated concept, explanation of key elements, use of risk analysis in preparation of standards.  Definitions of key terms of risk management, elements (risk assessment, evaluation of potential management practices, execution of measures, monitoring/control, revision). The elements and basic principles of risk communication, definitions, purpose, role, responsible/involved (international organizations, government agencies, industry, consumers, academic and research institutions, media).

Animal nutrition and food safety. Examples of risk factors linked with feed and food quality and safety (salmonelosis, mycotoxins, BSE, drug residues), analysis/assessment of risk, control.

Elements of national food control system.

Purposes and goals of the system, elements (regulation and legislation, management control, inspection services, laboratories, education, communication, school training).

Development of control strategy at national level. Information collecting, strategy development, structures of organization (single-, multiagency and integrated systems).


a) Prerequisites for inclusion in the work:
- entry in the corresponding year of study program,
- mandatory participation in project work.

b) Prerequisites for performing study obligations:
For the Exam:
- pass graded seminar work,
- pass graded presentation of project work (group presentation).