Content (Syllabus outline)

The following themes will be discussed:

1. the effect of physico-chemical parameters on microbial activity (redox potential, Eh:pH diagrams, ionic strength, solubility products, complex ions, osmolarity, vapor pressure, surface tension, pH, temperature, viscosity)

2. interface as microbial habitat

3. the effect of phase transitions on microbial activity

4. the effect of electromagnetic field on microbial activity

5. remote sensing of microbial activity

6. mass and heat fluxes through microbial ecosystems

7. texture, structure and hydrodynamics of porous systems


Enrolment in the 2 nd year of the MSc program Microbiology.  Attendance to lectures is facultative, attendance to field work and laboratory exercises is obligatory.  A passing grade in Laboratory exercises is prerequisit for access to the exam.