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 2018-: Member of the board of the LifeWatch-SI research infrastructure at UL, member of LifeWatch concorcium

 - Member of the Slovenian Society for Water Protection

- Member of the Association of Watermen of Slovenia

-Member of the Botanical Society of Slovenia

 - Member of the Biological Society of Slovenia

 - Member of the international association UV4Plants

-Country Representatives at IAD (International Association for Danube research)

Research Fields

Distribution of aquatic plants (macrophytes) in Slovenian lakes and rivers, dependence of macrophyte growth on environmental factors. Carrying out national monitoring on the basis of macrophytes and assessing the ecological status of rivers and lakes, field work.

The influence of environmental factors on cultivated plants, the influence of elements (selenium, iodine, silicon) on the growth of cultivated plants (field and laboratory work)

Selected Bibliography

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