Work Experience

Home Work

  • 2023 - :          lecturer for wood and lignocellulosic composites and processing technologies; Biotechnical Faculty, Depeartment of Wood Science
  • 2018 - 2022:  assistant and lecturer for wood and lignocellulosic composites and processing technologies; Biotechnical Faculty, Depeartment of Wood Science
  • 2000 – 2018: assistant for Wood Technology; Biotechnical Faculty, Depeartment of Wood Science
  • 1997 – 2000: unior researcher, Biotechnical Faculty, Depeartment of Wood Science

Work abroad

  • 3-month lecturing and research at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Forestry (2019)
    • lectures and laboratory work for students of preffesional study; seminar work,
    • research work.
  • Erasmus+ (STA) pedagocal and researh work Mendel University (Brno, Czech Republic) (2016), Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (Kuchl, Austria) (2017), Eberswalde Universty for Sustainable development (Eberswalde, Germany (2021)
  • Lecturing at Summer School for students of biotechnical sciences (Kazakh National Agrarian University, Amaty, Kazahstan; 2014, 2018)
  • Research work:
    • Short Term Scientific Mission (COST E53) – Chalmers University Göteborg, Švedska (2007)
    • Short Term Scientific Mission (COST FP0904) – Bern University of Applied Sciences, Biel, Švica (2011)
    • Short Term Scientific Mission (COST FP0802) – Trees and Timber Institute IVALSA/CNR, Trento, Italija (2012)

Recognitions, awards

2014 - Biotechnical Faculty Award for the best lecturer.

2015 - Rector's Award for the best inovation of the University of Ljubljana (3rd prize)


Association of Slovenian wood industry in the international wood industry association (CEI-BOIS) – construction working group (

EDG = European Wood Drying Group (

META = Society for Mechanical-Acoustic-Thermal Metamaterials (

Q-net A network for quantitative Wood Anatomy (

Alumni klub Univerze v Ljubljani, Oddelka za lesarstvo (

Research Fields

Expertise: Wood physics, wood mechanics, timber drying, hydrothermal treatment of wood, renewable energy

Current research focus: NDT characterization of bio-based materials, acoustics of wood and lignocellulosic composites, additive manufacturing technologies, 3D and 4D printing

Selected Bibliography

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