B.Sc. in Food Science and Technology, University of Ljubljana (UL), Biotechnical Faculty, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1995-2002.

Ph.D. in Food Science, University of Ljubljana (UL), Biotechnical Faculty, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2002-2008. Doctoral thesis: "Phenotypic and genotypic diversity of enterococci from traditional Slovenian cheeses".


Head of the Laboratory of the Institute of Dairy Science and Probiotics;

Research work;

Microbiological and molecular analyzes of milk, milk products and probiotic products;

Assistant prof (Dairy Technology);

Cooperation with industry.

Research Fields

Microbiology of milk and dairy products: isolation and identification of lactic acid bacteria, staphylococci and bifidobacteria from milk and dairy products. Phenotypic and genotypic characterisation of dairy microorganisms by conventional and molecular techniques.

Microbiota of the human mammary gland: study of the microbiota of mother's milk and the microbiota of the baby's stool, establishment of a laboratory model of the mammary gland (MCF10 A cells), study of the binding of bacteria from breast milk to the cells of the mammary gland.

Analysis of probiotic bacteria: isolation, identification, antimicrobial activity, survival in the gastrointestinal tract, antibiotic susceptibility. Quality assesment of probiotic products. Impact of microencapsulation methods on the activity of probiotic bacteria (growth, survival in digestive tract, binding to Caco2 cells).

Selected Bibliography

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