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Department of Forestry and Renewable Forest Resources

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ARIS projects

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CRP - Our food, countryside and natural resources




01.10.2022 - 30.09.2025



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Forests and forestry play an important role in achieving the ambitious goals of decarbonising society by 2050. Due to the growing awareness of the consequences of climate change, forests and forestry are increasingly scrutinised by the public and various stakeholders, which increases the importance of the environmental and economic relevance of timber production. The quality of work execution (forestry operations, forest roads, timber transport) is the image that all users of the forest area see. Therefore, the issue of work quality is the key to a positive image of forestry in the public. The project addresses many challenges that forest owners face when they hire a service provider or carry out forestry work in the forest themselves.
The main purpose of the project is to develop guidelines for the contracting of forest harvesting technologies in space and the quality assessment of forest work (tending and regeneration felling ) and forest road construction. The aim of the project is to expand the existing knowledge on the technological, economic and social aspects of allocating forest operation technologies in space and to create a tool that supports forest owners, contractors and planners alike. With the methodology for quality assessment in forest operations and forest road construction, we want to enable the public forest service and forest owners to evaluate forest operations according to relevant and uniform criteria. The results are directly addressed to forest owners and forest contractors, decision-makers and technical staff, especially within the framework of the public forest service. The intermediate and final results are co-designed and reviewed in dialogue with key stakeholders.



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The phases of the project and their realization

DS1: Coordination;

DS2: Criteria for site specific selection of modern technologies;

DS3: Optimization of the network of forest roads;

DS4: Quality assessment in the forest operation;

DS5: Communication, transfer of knowledge and promotion of achievements to the public.


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