Content (Syllabus outline)

Due to key role of the relief in the landscape, the stress is on landforms and geomorphic processes that transform the present landscape. With other natural components of the landscape, the students encounter in other subjects, so here the focus is on links between them.

The main contents are:

  • Weathering processes in the nature and on buildings;
  • Slopes and slope processes (denudation, erosion, landslides) and their effect on the physiognomy of the landscape;
  • River and fluvial processes (erosion, transportation, accumulation), landforms and human activities;
  • Karst as specific type of landscape, formation of karst, karst surface and underground features, karst hydrography;
  • The sea coast (abrasion and accumulation processes and forms);
  • Landforms and geomorphic processes in other types of landscapes around the world (glaciers, deserts, volcanoes);
  • Adaptation of humans to natural conditions in a particular landscape;
  • Natural disasters as a limiting factor in the landscape.


a/ enrollment in the program

b/ submitted a written exercise and field work done