Content (Syllabus outline)

Ecology – definitions, levels of ecology; Ecosystem – structure, functioning, changes

Basic ecosystem definitions: succession and niche of ecosystem, boundaries borders and ecotones, ecosystem models. Basic ecological givens of typical ecosystems. Minority ecosystems.

Landscape – structure, functioning, changes.

Cultural landscape as a social-ecological system. Origin and development of cultural landscape

Landscape structure – (sensu Forman 1995): matrix, patch, corridors, artifacts. Roles of forests as a matrix (patch, corridor) in a cultural landscape. Different landscape types in Slovenia with examples (arial photos) and roles of forests in each type.  Basic division of forest functions and their roles in different landscype types; social forest functions; ecological forest functions, production forest functions; detailed information of mamagement for forest functions in multifunctional forest.


1. Condition for inclusion in the work:

- Inscription to adequate academic year


2. Condition for performing study obligations:

- Participation in class

- Constructed vector map layer

- Finished lab computer-based exam

- Reports from a field work.