Content (Syllabus outline)

Brief history of the subject. Introduction to chorology (distribution ranges, mapping). Ecological factors limiting distribution (climatic conditions, hydrology, tectonics, litology, edaphic). Historical dimensions related to biogeography (specistion, extinction, dispersion, provincialism) and current processes (island biogeography, interspecific interactions, communities). Geographical patterens of biodiversity and its endangerment, focus in high biodiversity of the Balkans and Slovenia as part of it. Biogeographic regionalization of the Woorld, Europe, Slovenia.

Vegetation science: introduction to methodology, plant communities of Slovenia, mapping of vegetation, habitat types, biomes.

Aplication of biogeography knowledge in nature protection, focused in biodiversity.


Field exercises in different biogeographical regions of Slovenia illustrating key biogeographic fenomena in nature.


Prerequisites for inclusion in the work:

· enrolment in the appropriate academic year


Prerequisites for performing study obligations:

  • Presence at field work



  • Absolved practicals