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Gumb išči

Institute of dairy science & probiotics

We perform various microbiological analysis of milk and milk products. We analyse the presence of pathogenic microorganisms, technologically important microorganisms (starter cultures, spoilage bacteria), inhibitory substances. We use both traditional methods and modern microbiological methods (PCR).

The laboratory of Institute of Dairy Science and Probiotics is accredited by Slovenian Accreditation with accreditation number LP-062 in the field of testing (SIST EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017).

Accredited methods are marked with *.

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Microbiological analysis

Group of microorganisms Parameter Method

Individual bacteria count (IBC)
and colony forming units (CFU)

Flow cytometry (BactoScan)*


Plate count*

SOP LML 7.2.09 version 11
(In-house method)

EN ISO 4833-1:2013

Pathogenic microorganisms
and spoilage bacteria


Listeria monocytogenes*

Salmonella sp.


Sulphite reducing Clostridia

Clostridium perfringens

Escherichia coli

Bacillus cereus

ISO 21528-2:2017

ISO 11290-1:2017

SOP LML 7.2.44

SOP LML 7.2.53

SOP LML 7.2.52

SOP LML 7.2.51

SOP LML 7.2.47

SOP LML 7.2.50

Technologically important microorganisms

Lactic acid bacteria*





Thermophilic streptococci


Molds and yeasts

Spore-forming microorganisms

Lipolytic bacteria

Proteolytic bacteria

Heterofermentative bacteria


Characterization of microorganisms
(determing the species, strain)

SOP LML 7.2.63 version 4
(In-house metoda)

SOP LML 7.2.63

SOP LML 7.2.37

SOP LML 7.2.60

SOP LML 7.2.41

SOP LML 7.2.72

SOP LML 7.2.48

SOP LML 7.2.62

SOP LML 7.2.56

SOP LML 7.2.46

SOP LML 7.2.65

By agreement

By agreement

Probiotic microorganisms


Enumeration of probiotic bacteria:

Lactobacillus acidophilus*




Streptococcus thermophilus*  


PCR detection of probiotic species*


Safety evaluation of probiotic strains

Analysis of functional and 
technological properties


ISO 29981 / IDF 220:2010

ISO 20128 / IDF 192:2006
SOP LML 7.2.37 version 8
(In-house method)
SOP LML 7.2.39 version 5
(In-house method)
SOP LML 7.2.41 version 5 
(In-house method)

SOP LML 7.2.42 version 4

(In-house method)

By agreement


By agreement