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Department of Food Science and Technology

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ARRS projects

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CRP projects




01.11.2020 - 31.10.2022

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Osojnik Črnivec Ilja Gasan


The project will focus on different parts of the food supply chain (as a source of food waste) and on different management models (as a way of acting, tracking and linking for the prevention and reduction of surplus food, as well as possible use of food waste). Based on the review of the situation in Slovenia and the EU and on the basis of existing activities, recommendations and good practices, the project results will be used to support the design of measures in Slovenia for the prevention and reduction of food surpluses and the use of food waste.

The project is based on a participatory approach and plans to connect with companies, as well as end consumers and other stakeholders (legislative and supervisory institutions, NGOs, etc.) where we will ensure close contact with various members of the food supply chain through the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, additional connections through project events to reach out to stakeholders and set up thematic working groups.


The project work is organised within the following work packages:

  • DS0: Coordination and project management - DS1: Sources, causes and possibilities for food waste in Slovenia
  • DS2: Assessment of social, environmental and financial impacts of food waste
  • DS3: Measures for prevention and reduction of food waste
  • DS4: Monitoring and traceability of food surplus use
  • DS5: Changing social norms and the social acceptability of food waste
  • DS6: Communication and dissemination of results, and inclusion in international networks

The project lasts two years. In the first phase of the project, we aim to prepare a preliminary analysis of the current state and causes (DS1, 0-6 months), and then start preparing a methodology for assessing social, environmental and financial impacts (DS2, 6 months), preparation of 3R measures, solutions and methodologies for monitoring distribution and bases for changing consumer and organisational habits (DS3-5, month 8). An expert-oriented event, which will ensure direct contact with stakeholders and their continued representation in the project through a working group, will also be organized in the 8th month. The working group will meet on September 9, 12 and 18 and contribute to the improvement of DS1-5 tasks. The analysis of the causes of food waste generation will be completed in DS1 in the 12th month, and based on this analysis we will then co-create scenarios and appropriate ways for effective prevention, reduction and use of food waste in Slovenia (DS2, 12 and 18 months, DS3 - 18 . month, DS4 and DS5 - 24th month).