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Department of Forestry and Renewable Forest Resources


Chair of Forest Techniques and Economics

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International cooperation

Type of project

Bilateral projects




01.01.2019 - 31.12.2021

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Mihelič Matevž


The research area of the the project is forestry and harvesting technologies, that can cause large disturbances in the environment, if used unapropriately. In order to reduce the influences to the lowest possible extent several conditions have to be met, as Slovenian experience show. The infrastructure has to be planned in advance in order to enable certain technologies, the technologies and machines have to be appropriately chosen for the site, and used in a correct manner in order to achieve minimum environment damages. As experience of both project partners show, the problems arise due to the fact that in the process of forest harvesting several stakeholders with a different status, and different often conflicting interests and lack of knowledge are included. Slovenia and Bosnia are forestrywise similar countries, with similar terrain and vast forest expanses. The difference is in the fact that Slovenia has a larger diversity of technologies used, which is critical for achieving environmentally friendly results. SME-s from both countries will be included in the bilateral project. The added value of cooperation will manifest in a rise in awareness of the risk and consequences of forest work that is not adapted to the environment.