Content (Syllabus outline)

• Genetic technologies and analyses and their

   applications for:

- isolation and manipulations of  human, animal  

  and plant genes

- DNA-based tests for mutations associated with 

  human disease

-  analysis of genome DNA  polymorphysms –

   DNA profiling

-  paternity testing, forensics, identification of 

   human and animal remains, archeology and 

   conservation biology

-  analysis of expression of individual genes

- site-directed and  random mutagenesis

-  analysis of protein-protein interactions

• Gene therapy

• Genetics and rational drug design

• Genetically modified organisms

• Genetics, technology, and society


Prerequisites for inclusion in the work:

• inscription  to adequate academic year  of study programme  Biology, 1st level  or of any 2nd level study

• knowledge of: genetics,  molecular biology / biochemistry


Prerequisites for performing study obligations to final exam:

• presence at practicals

• performed pitch