Content (Syllabus outline)

History of animal cell cultures. Design and equipment of cell lab, bio-safety, GLP and GMO standards in cell lab. Characteristics and specificity of culturing of animal cells in vitro. Cell interactions. Media, supplements, selective markers. Basic techniques for cell culture maintaining : establishment of primary homogenous culture, estimation of cell viability and growth dynamics, sub-culturing, sub-cloning, freezing-thawing. Cell banking – establishing and managing. Transfection of cells, cell differentiation, cell movement. Primary culture of tumor cells. Characterization of cell line, chromosome preparation, karyotype analyses. Detection of cell culture infection. Overview of important cell lines and their use in biotechnology.


equirements for enrolment:

Inscription to adequate academic year.


Terms of Prerequisites:

Prerequisite for practical examination is minimal 80 % presence at practical course and presentation of seminars. Practical examination and seminar presentation are prerequisites for final exam.