Content (Syllabus outline)

  • Basic characteristics of fungal kingdom,
  • Fungi in the biotechnology: economical role of the fungi in selected industries (medicine, forestry, textile industry, wood industry, food …);
  • yeasts and moulds as sources of proteins, 
  • fungal cultivation, primary and secondary metabolites.
  • Importance of the fungi for food production, energy production, (ethanol, diesel, biogas …),
  • development of the trees, agricultural plants, decorative plants ...
  • Applications in the fields of waste management, remediation of the polluted environment, revitalisation of the soil and cultural artefacts.


Prerequisites for the work:
- Entry in the corresponding year of the study programme

Terms of prerequisites: -

  1. Colloquium from tutorials

Prerequisite for exam and practical examination is minimal 90 % presence at practical course.

Carried out an experiment

Written report,

  1. Examination

Finished tutorials,