Content (Syllabus outline)

  • Wood basics and terminology.
  • Microscopic structure of softwoods.
  • Cells and cell walls.
  • Basic microscopy techniques for studying wood.
  • Evolution and development of wood tissue of Gymnosperms and Dicotyledones.
  • Microscopic structure of hardwoods.
  • Wood identification, microscopic and macroscopic identification keys.
  • Wood species in plant kingdom.
  • Problems related to vernacular, scientific and trade names of wood species in Slovene and English.
  • Tree growth, meristems.
  • Cambium, wood and bark formation processes.
  • Special structural features in wood (wood defects).
  • Sapwood, heartwood, discoloured wood.
  • Bark and phloem as protective and conductive tissue.
  • Practical and laboratory work. Solving of practical problems.


1. Prerequisites for the work:
- entry in the corresponding year of the study programme.

2. Terms of prerequisites:
- attendance at tutorials,
- written colloquium from tutorials,
- oral colloquium from tutorials.