Content (Syllabus outline)

  • Importance of wood protection
  • Preventive, curative and remedial wood protection 
  • Biocidal and nin-biocidal wood protection
  • Natural wood protection
  • Wood protection by design
  • Biocidal wood protection
  • Types of the biocides
  • Development of the biocidal solutions for wood
  • Legislation related to biocides
  • Influence of the biocides on non-target organism
  • Safe work and biocides
  • Techniques for preventive biocidal wood protection
  • Techniques for preventive non-biocidal wood protection
  • Techniques for curative biocidal wood protection
  • Techniques for curative  non-biocidal wood protection
  • Introduction to wood modification
  • Introduction to fire protection


Prerequisites for the work:
- Entry in the corresponding year of the study programme

Terms of prerequisites: -

  • Colloquium from tutorials

Prerequisite for exam and practical examination is minimal 90 % presence at practical course.

Carried out an experiment

Written report,

  • Examination

Finished tutorials,

Conducted a seminar