Content (Syllabus outline)

Selection of the raw material according to specifications and product use.
Sawing methods depending on the purpose of use and requirements of the product.
Selection of the processing and optimization of the technological processing o depending on the availability of the raw material and / intended use of the product.
Technological systems of coniferous wood processing.
Technological systems for deciduous wood processing.
Technological systems of veneer productions.
Relevant technological parameters of veneer slicing and peeling.
Technological arrangements of the primary plant

Determination the capacity of technological systems.
Quantity, quality and value optimization of technological process.
Non-destructive grading of products.
Optimization of wood residues utilization.


1.  Prerequisites for the work:

Entry in the corresponding year of the study programme.


2. Terms of prerequisites:

  • Colloquium from tutorials
  • Attendance at tutorials
  • Written report
  • Field work