Content (Syllabus outline)

  • Differentiation of wood-based panels
  • Key-features of wood-based panels
  • Production of constituents, their impact and changes in structure due to the high pressure and temperature
  • Impact of constituents on properties of composites
  • Characteristics and basis of composite structure and its impact on properties
  • The meaning of constituents overlaping, orientation and interaction in providing sutable sorption and elastomechanic properties
  • Bond quality (differences and factors)
  • Physical properties of wood-based panels
  • Sorption properties of wood-based panels
  • Elastomechanical properties of wood-based panels (modulus of elasticity, bending, compression, tensile and shear strength: differences and factors)
  • Basics of emission of harmful substances from composites (PCP, formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds
  • Comparative analysis of physical, mechanical, sorption and emission properties of wood-based panels
  • Overview of production process as factor influencing the properties of wood based panels


1. Prerequisites for the work:

  • Entry in the corresponding year of the study programme


2. Terms of prerequisites:

  • Attendance at laboratory work,
  • Written colloquium from laboratory work
  • Submission of practical work report
  • Homework