Content (Syllabus outline)

The main content fields:

The regulation of hygiene in food processing: National and European food hygiene legal regulations, internal and official food control.

Infection and poisoning with contaminated food: foodborne zoonosis and food intoxications.

Contaminants and residues in food: contaminants from environment, contaminants from working environment, and other chemical hazards.

Food plant sanitation; cleaning: cleaning compounds, classification, characteristics, selection, equipment, control; disinfection: mechanisms, efficiency, resistance; quality of water; biofilm development; pest control: insect destruction, rodent destruction; significance of DDD.

Hygiene in the workplace: personal hygiene, protective clothing, footwear, controlling contamination from personnel, training and education of employees.

Good manufacturing practice (GMP), good hygiene practice (GHP), HACCP systems


(a) Inscription in the 2nd year.

(b) Finished laboratory exercises, on-going or final colloquium from laboratory excercises is a prerequisite for taking the final exam