Content (Syllabus outline)

Growth and yield potential of the grapevine, phenological phases (Eichhorn-Lorenz), the effect of environmental factors on grapevine development at different stages and on grape quality. Characteristics of the vine’s dormant phase (factors of resistance to low temperature). Bioclimatic indexes and the European model for grapevine regions (European project). The variability of the genetic material of grapevines, abiotic (temperature, drought, heavy metals) and biological stress (diseases and pests), the adaptation of grapevine assortment due to the climate changes. The cultivation of the grapevine in the changed climatic conditions. European wine-growing zones in comparison with other areas of scientific categorisation of cultivated grapevines (Australia, New Zealand, California, and South Africa), Smart's network of production areas.


Conditions for inclusion in the work:

Enrolment in the appropriate academic year.


Conditions for performing study obligations:

- attendance at practices

- enrolment of field work

- practice test

- presentation of project paper

- exam