Content (Syllabus outline)

Introduction. Definitions and terminology in the field of conservation of natural genetic resources of medicinal plants, natural ecosystems and agrosystems. Growth and development of medicinal plants in the European space. Natural ecosystems of medicinal plants and  presentation of the evaluation of environmental factors on medicinal plants’ growth and development. The prevalence of native medicinal plant species in Europe and rajonization in Slovenia. Evaluation of environmental factors, impact of weather conditions, soil type, altitude, illumination and stress conditions on growth and development of medicinal plants and the content of active ingredients. The interaction between environment and genetic resources and its impact on growth and development of medicinal plants.
Technological aspects of cultivation. Conventional regeneration of medicinal and aromatic plants. Micropropagation of medicinal plants. Influence of mineral nutrition and water regime on growth and development of medicinal plants and the content of secondary metabolites. The importance of crop rotation with annuals. Advantages and disadvantages of harvesting of wild species, cultivation of medicinal plants in the field, and biotechnological production of secondary metabolites. Postharvest treatment and processing of medicinal plants. Effect of drying and storage on the quality of medicinal plants. Quality control of medicinal plants.


Conditions for inclusion in the work:

Enrolment in the appropriate academic year.

Conditions for performing study obligations

Prerequisite for the exam is 100% attendance at tutorial and presentation of seminar paper.