Content (Syllabus outline)

Relation weather-climate. Climate system. Parameters, which determine climate. Sun radiation, characteristics of atmosphere, soils, oceans and relief. Climate in the past, climate today. Differences in climate and weather data processing. Macro-, meso- and microclimate. Significance of local relief for climate.

Archives of climatic variables. Derivative climatic variables (hot, warm, cold days, days with different phenomenons, extreme weather events). Logical and critical control of climatic series.

Climatological data bases on world wide web pages of world climatological centres.

Measures for continentality of climate (Conrad, Kerner), humidity provinces (Thornthwaite). Climate indices for viticulture (Huglin, Winkler). Climate of vegetation period. Temperature thresholds and sums. Urban climate. UHI.

Climatic classifications. Linking climate and vegetation. Graphical presentations of climate. Walter-Gaussen climate diagram, Griffith-Taylor climate diagram. Climate of Slovenia.

Climate change, climate scenarios, Paris agreement. Mitigation and adaptation to climate change. Global and meso-climatic models.


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Enrolment in the appropriate academic year.

Conditions for performing study obligations

Prerequisites for admittance to the exam:

· Accomplished tutorial exercises

· Attendance at tutorials and lectures