Content (Syllabus outline)

Grapevine as a cultivated or/and wild plant; botanical classification of different Vitis species, geographical determination and the evaluation of Vitis (Negrulj); morphological characteristics of grapevine plant and viticulture technology terms (OIV descriptors list). The evolution of the grapevine varieties list of Slovenia in comparison to varieties of other known viticulture countries. Growth and yield potential of the European grapevine varieties, phenology and physiological principles of grapevine training and pruning, as the basis for the technology in the vineyard. Systems of the replanting and the maintaining of vineyards – “terroir”. Viticulture as a part of agriculture and the partner in sustaining the cultural landscape (the project of touristic wine roads); the production of table grapes. The subjects connecting the viticulture to enology (grape maturation, the vintage, the experienced enology practice).


Conditions for inclusion in the work:

Enrolment in the appropriate academic year.

Conditions for performing study obligations:

  1. attendance at tutorial
  2. enrolment of field work
  1. preliminary exam
  2. presentation of project paper
  3. exam