Content (Syllabus outline)

Fruit plant, fruit species, cultivar, strain. A review of fruit plants and their significance. Botanical classification and other groupings of fruit plants. The history of Slovenian fruit growing (from antiquity till today). Environmental factors influencing the production of fruit species (soil, climate). Organography and anatomical distinctions of different fruit organs (roots, fruiting wood, leaves, flowers, fruit). Developmental stages of the important fruit plants. Phenophases (bud break, flowering, fruit development, fruit maturation, dormancy – ectodormancy, endodormancy, ecodormancy). The basics of fruit bud differentiation. Pollination of different fruit species (self-compatibility self-incompatibility, partenocarpic fruit, apomixis, sterility). The formation of fruit (pome fruit, stone fruit, berry fruit, nuts, compound fruit). The basis of fruit plant propagation (generative and vegetative: indirect and direct). Technological measures influencing the vegetative growth/fertility relationship of fruit plants (pruning, bending, plantation density …). The most important training systems on seedlings and some vegetative rootstocks (optimized pyramidal system, vase, slender spindle, solaxe). The basics of plant nutrition (young orchards, orchards in fully production capacity). Plantation systems (one row and multiple row systems).


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Enrolment in the appropriate academic year.

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Prerequisite for exam is passing preliminary examination.