Content (Syllabus outline)

The course content topics in nutrition of dogs, cats, ornamental birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, and some reptiles.

• For each animal group the digestive tract and digestion are reviewed, the importance of different nutrients in the nutrition of each species and the specificity in relation to nutrients and their metabolism.

• We are focused also on the nutritional requirements and needs of different nutrients of individual species and categories of animals (kittens, lactating females in mammals, adult and old animals), and feeding procedures.

• Different industrially prepared foods or diets available on the Slovenian market, especially for dogs and cats are reviewed. The feeding of the diets for different categories, diets for various diseases or health problems and snacks is also examined.

• Also the advantages and disadvantages of home-made meals especially for dogs are pointed out.

• Mistakes done in animal feeding.

• The importance of water in animal nutrition


a) Prerequisites for the inclusion in the work:

Enrolment in the corresponding year of study programme.


b) Prerequisites for performing study obligations:

Attendance at tutorials.