Content (Syllabus outline)

· Review of techniques for non-destructive determination of material properties and their use in wood processing.

· Characterisation of micro-structure of wood by non-destructive techniques – radiation techniques for analyzing of growth dynamics, density profiles, structural properties…

· Macro-scale structural analysis of wood and quality control – use of radiation and acoustic techniques for identification of structural properties and wood anomalies.

· Moisture content determination in wood and wood based composites by non-destructive techniques – thermography and resonant techniques.

· Non-destructive determination of wood mechanical properties – sound vibration and resonant techniques.

· Non-destructive assessment of mechanical stress and strain field in wood during processing and at final wood products.

Use of non-destructive techniques in grading of primary wood products.


1. Prerequisites for the work:

· Entry in the corresponding year of the study programme.

· Completed exams in: Wood technology or Physics of wood.


2. Terms of prerequisites:

· Colloquium from tutorials:

- Attendance at tutorials,

- Carried out the experiment,

- Written report,

· Examination:

- Tutorials,

Conducted a seminar.