Content (Syllabus outline)

· Constituent morphology as origin for planning of wood-based composite

· Blending, morphology of constituents and resin efficiency

· Heat and moisture transfer at hot pressing

· Density and density distribution; development, factors and impact on relevant properties

· Behaviour of wood-based composites and dynamic and static load

· Improvement od physical, mechanical and sorption properties applying different nonwooden materials

· Thermally and Chemically modified wood-based composites; modification procedures, changes and properties

· Nanotechnology and wood-based composites

· Advanced methods for determination of elastomechanic, physical and sorption properties

Basic approach for optimisation and planning of wood-based composites


1. Prerequisites for the work:

  • Entry in the corresponding year of the study programme


2. Terms of prerequisites:

  • Attendance at laboratory work,
  • Written colloquium from laboratory work
  • Submission of individual project work report
  • Homework