Content (Syllabus outline)

  • Biocidal and non-biocidal wood protection
  • Background of the wood modification
  • Thermal wood modification
  • Chemical wood modification
  • Modification with impregnation
  • Modification with biotechnological approaches
  • Properties of modified wood
  • Development of the modification processes
  • Use of modified wood
  • Patent pending and intellectual rights


  • Natural durability and service life of wood
  • Service life of the Slovenian and foreign wood species
  • Standardisation and wood protection
  • Decision making and wood protection
  • Service life prediction


  • Economic aspects and wood protection
  • Environmental aspects and wood protection
  • Service life prediction of impregnated wood
  • Recovered wood
  • Contaminants in wood
  • Use of recovered wood


Prerequisites for the work:
- Entry in the corresponding year of the study programme

Terms of prerequisites: -

  1. Colloquium from tutorials

Prerequisite for exam and practical examination is minimal 90 % presence at practical course.

Carried out an experiment

Written report,

  1. Examination

Finished tutorials,

Conducted a seminar