Content (Syllabus outline)

•Characteristics of scientific and technical information

•Specific databases in different fields of agriculture (food, nutrition, biotechnology...) and life-sciences, databases in other scientific fields (market/trade, social information), theses databases, citation databases

•Database structure and principles of advanced search syntax

•Slovenian digital library catalogues

•Statistical databases, databases for patents and intelectual property, databases of standards, legislation

•Document types and formats

•Internet and advanced retrieval techniques on the web

•Electronic journals and full-text databases

•Characteristics of scientific language, classifications

•Bibliographic data editing in text processors

•Synthesis of texts according to scientific principles (IMRAD), compilation of personal bibliographies, written projects/seminars

•Interpretation of information


Enrollement in the programme



Conditions for the final exam:

-Submission of a writen coursework (tutorial)

-Oral examination (within the tutorial)

-Submission and presentation of a seminar

-Visits at other information centres